Suicide by cop

Suicide by cop is a suicide method in which a suicidal individual deliberately behaves in a threatening manner, with the goal being to provoke a lethal response from a law enforcement officer.


* A lively Public place.
   Like U.S. Capitol, Piccadilly Circus, German Reichstag, Times Square, Tiananmen Square, Cologne Cathedral Square…
* True or real-looking firearm or large kitchen knife.
   Possibly Fake blood or pig’s blood, etc., to make the “gig” more impressive.
* A Public Suicide Note (gladly also here public in the “Suicide Bulletin” in “Message Board”).
  For example, a sufficient quantity of throwable leaflets.
Mention this website is welcome (look at “Media”).

1. Prepare the suicide notes, gladly with a reference to this website (look at “Media”).
2. If you choose a knife, ax, chainsaw etc. you could prepare your “look”.
    For example, false blood or animal blood on your clothes, hands, face and knife, ax, chainsaw etc..
    You can cover this “bloody” clothes with a coat etc., until you are at the selected location.
3. Travel with enough leaflets to this place. Be inconspicuous!
4. Call anonymous the police. You could say the “offender” has killed a man, and suddenly hang. Perhaps with a scream.
5. Throwing the leaflets in a largest possible field around you.
6. Wait for the police.
7. When they appear, threatening the police. If the police aimed guns at you, run with knife, ax, gun, etc. toward them.

The police has no right to prevent citizens from pick up leaflets!
The police mostly (except in Spain, but do it inconspicuous) are not authorized to prevent or seize video recordings!

You can search a voluntary who is filming the suicide and the operation of police, ambulance etc. for publication.
Look at “Message Board”. For subsequent publication, that person could previously get a copy of the leaflet.