Suicide by Explosion


Explosive. Find recipes for explosives like „ANFO“ („fertilizer and diesel“), and if necessary for primer.
* If needed, a „Primer“ („Primary Explosive“).
* A Suitable location. Enough witnesses, but adequate distance to other people!
  Explore that your amount of explosive, radius, materials (no hard materials) etc. hurt no other people physical!
* A Public Suicide Note (gladly also here public in the „Suicide Bulletin“ in „Message Board“).
  For example, a sufficient quantity of throwable leaflets.
Mention this website is welcome (look at „Media“).

1. Prepare the suicide notes, gladly with a reference to this website (look at „Media“).
2. Prepare yourself well. It would not be wise to appear with a viewable „suicide vest“ on your body.
3. Travel with enough leaflets to the location. Be inconspicuous!
4. Throwing the leaflets in a largest possible field around you.
5. Blast yourself.

Hurt not others physically!
Can you not guarantee this, choose a different method!

The police has no right to prevent citizens from pick up leaflets!
The police mostly are not authorized to prevent or seize video recordings!

You can search a voluntary who is filming the suicide and the operation of police, ambulance etc. for publication.
Look at „Message Board“. For subsequent publication, that person could previously get a copy of the leaflet.