Suicide by Salt (hypernatremia)

Clinical manifestations of hypernatremia can be subtle, consisting of lethargy, weakness, irritability, neuromuscular excitability, and edema. With more severe elevations of the sodium level, seizures and coma may occur.

Severe symptoms are usually due to acute elevation of the plasma sodium concentration to above 157 mEq/L (normal blood levels are generally about 135-145 mEq/L for adults and elderly) Values above 180 mEq/L are associated with a high mortality rate, particularly in adults. However such high levels of sodium rarely occur without severe coexisting medical conditions. Serum sodium concentrations have ranged from 150-228 mEq/L in survivors of acute salt overdosage, while levels of 153-255 mEq/L have been observed in fatalities. Vitreous humor is considered to be a better postmortem specimen than postmortem serum for assessing sodium involvement in a death.


Salt. Large crystals or pieces may be easier to swallow than awful tasting fine salt.
   1gr to 3gr (0.0353 to 0.1058 oz) per 1Kg (2.2lbs) body weight.
   For example, 240gr (0.5291lbs) for a body weight of 80kg. Better a little more.

Sleeping pills and high fatigue are recommended (because of the unpleasant effects).
* Maybe “Paspertin” to calm your stomach lining. If you vomit, it could prevent the death.
* Maybe a Suicide Note.
* Maybe a Suicide Note.  You could bequeath the suicide letter to another person. 
  That person could send it to this website.
Mention this website is welcome.

1. Calculate and measure the lethal dose of Salt.
2. Place a written suicide note, gladly with a reference to this website visible in the cell.
3. Swallow the drink, and perhaps sleeping pills. If you use Paspertin, take it app. 20min before.