Suicide by Hydrogen sulfide (“Detergent suicide”)

Hydrogen sulfide (“H2S”) Is lethal in concentration over 1000 ppm (parts per million) after the first breath.

* Source of sulfur, like liquid (!) “lime sulfur” (insecticide spray in hardware store), of course not a closed spray can.
* Acid, like Hydrochloric acid (salt acid, “HCl”) from a hardware store, or sulfuric acid.
* Bucket.
* Duct tape.
* Maybe Liquid-proof tarp (tarpaulin, persenning…) to protect the car (or tent).
* Automobile (or tent).
* Warning notice (look at “Media”).
Suicide Note (gladly also here public in the “Suicide Bulletin” in “Message Board”).
Mention this website is welcome (look at “Media”).

1. Attach a visible warning behind the car windows (look at “Media”)!
2. Adhesive doors, windows and vents leakproof.
3. Place a suicide note, and gladly a public visible reference to this website behind the window (look at “Media”).
4. To protect the car place the tarp at in the co-driver leag area (see the video).
5. Place the bucket in the co-driver leg area and perhaps, fasten your seat belt (“safety first”…).

6. Breathing in, hold the breath, and mix the liquid lime sulfur in the bucket. For simplicity, then drop the bottle in the bucket.
    Maybe, you have no time to close and put away the bottle.
    Because, the unconsciousness and death could occur very quickly.
    Wait for enough gas, then exhale to the side, and take a deep breath.

If you live alone, and nobody will find you, then use a delayed email delivery (like,
or send a paper letter.

If you like, you can search a person who is filming the fire department or hazmat team (look at “Message Board”).