Welcome to „Terminal Decision“ – Development-Phase

This site is to present facts and resources related to committing suicide.

Neutral information, and promoting a free exchange of ideas.
Here you will find methods, chat rooms, message boards, media, and blog.

The message boards and chat rooms contains:
– Methods disscussion.
– Search suicide partners.
– Search videographer for more shocking denunciation of social injustice.
– Support Groups.
– Discussion about psychopharmaceuticals and psychedelics.

The „suicide bulletin“ in „Message Board“ is for public suicide announcement and note.
This should makes the society attentive to the social injustice.

No IP will be stored in the regular mode.
At the server location, this site and every form of using (also  „glorification“ etc.) is not illegal.
But there’s no harm to use TOR browser for using comments and forums:

This website is in the development phase.
Feel free to translate this pages, Media etc. in your mother language, and send your version („About us„).
If you are a native speaker, you can also correct the spelling and grammar of the english version.

You can advertise this site!
Banner advertising, posters in the city and any form of guerrilla marketing like reverse grafitti or light projection.
For example, a men’s bicycle with advertising in the tube triangle on the market square.
Or in front of the church. Or before the social welfare office. Or before the retirement home. Or before psychiatry. Or in front of the prison. Or… Look in „Media“ for Flyers, „Street Signs“ etc. for public propaganda.

Opening the Exits…