Suicide by Pentobarbital & Paspertin

The death occurs within two hours during a deep sleep.
Paspertin is used to calm the stomach lining.

Pentobarbital („Nembutal“, „Resochin“…, a barbiturate, regularly used for Insomnia, Sedation and Status Epilepticus):
   15g (0.53oz) minimum for a ~70kg person).
Diazepam (like „Valium“): 1g (0.035oz) minimum.
* Maybe „Paspertin“ to calm your stomach lining.
* Maybe a Suicide Note (gladly also here public in the „Suicide Bulletin“ in „Message Board“).
Mention this website is welcome (look at „Media“).

1. Maybe place a suicide note, and gladly a reference to this website beside yourself (look at „Media“).
2. Take both medicamentsand lie down to sleep.

If you live alone, and no one will find you regularly, then use a delayed email delivery (like,
or send a paper letter.