Suicide by Nicotine

Theoretically, the lethal dose is 0.8mg (0.02822 oz) per kg (2.2lbs). For example, 64mg for 80kg (~176lbs) body weight.

There were allegedly two failed suicide attempts. 

One with an extract of 300gr tobacco. That would be about 6780 mg of nicotine. And he survived.
And one with 1500mg liquid nicotine.
Therefore: “No Guarantee”!

“Mike” wrote, and “Calle” rewrote in the “Suicide Methods File“:

* Dosage: Extract from 100g tabacco? 40-60 mg pure.
* Time: Several hours, coma may set in much earlier. Much quicker if taken in large doses.
* Available: Easily available
* Certainty: Fairly certain, given a large enough dose.
* Notes: This is what Mike wrote:

“Soak 100 grammes of tabacco for a few days. You get a brown mess. Strain off the tabacco, then simmer slowly until most of the liquid has gone, leaving about 2 teaspoons of brown treacle-like stuff. Add it to your night-time drink, and never wake up. Someone said the other day that 150mg of pure nicotine would be fatal in seconds. See the “plants in general” entry.”

* It is correct, as far as I have found out. It can be added that the effects include violent convulsions and that the direct cause of death is respiratory failure. Smokers should use larger doses than non-smokers.

I think, you can not “simmer” in a common prison. You have to swallow it all.
Possibly you have to throw up, because of the awful taste.

Side Effects:
Gastrointestinal irritation, trembling, staggering, weakness, breathing problems, heart problems and collapse.

* Tobacco, cigarettes, e-liquid etc.. (if you have access in your country).
* Water for soaking tabak or dilutet liquid nicotine.
* Maybe a Suicide Note.
Mention this website is welcome.


1. Soak 100gr of tobacco for a few days.
2. Place a written suicide note, gladly with a reference to this website visible in the cell.
3. Gulp the whole shit…

“Springer Open Choice” at “” :
How much nicotine kills a human?
“Tracing back the generally accepted lethal dose to dubious self-experiments in the nineteenth century”