Suicide by Hunger strike (Starving to death)

A hunger strike is a method of non-violent resistance or pressure in which participants fast as an act of political protest, or to provoke feelings of guilt in others, usually with the objective to achieve a specific goal, such as a policy change. Most hunger strikers will take liquids but not solid food.

In cases where an entity (usually the state) has or is able to obtain custody of the hunger striker (such as a prisoner), the hunger strike is often terminated by the custodial entity through the use of force-feeding.

* A suitable location with witnesses.
  But a wild camp will be removed (highly probable). And it is inconvenient (no toilet…), cold…
  Because It can take two months, if you drink.
  Without water, and under normal conditions (temperature) three to four days.
  You could broadcast your hunger strike on the Internet. For example, via UStream, Meerkat, Periscope ..
* A Public Suicide Note (gladly also here public in the “Suicide Bulletin” in “Message Board”).
  For hunger strike on a public place, a sufficient quantity of give-away leaflets.
* Mention this website is welcome (look at “Media”).

1. Make sure that the people know about your hunger strike and reasons.
    You could stick little notes at streetlights, behind windshield wipers, in letterboxes etc..
    Or make a “advertising space” with internet address at a bicycle, and chain it in public.
2. Start the hunger strike.
3. Show how you measure your blood pressure, the body water content (with modern scale) etc. (be creative).

The police has no right to prevent citizens from pick up leaflets!
The police are not authorized to prevent or seize video recordings!