Suicide by Freeze to death (“Hypothermia”)

If you are wearing light clothing, below 15°C (59°F) could be enough.
With normal (autumn…) clothing perhaps 5°C (41°F).
Of course, low temperatures are better. But with normal clothing you freeze immediately.
You could find a middle of cold and clothing. So you can move the unpleasant cold to sleep.
A high fatigue and alcohol, perhaps sliping pills makes it much easier.
At very low temperatures. You can use a sleeping bag, but not the best.

* A “Cold” place (~5°C/~41°F or below). Outside, or in your could flat (stop heating, and open all windows).
* Alcoholic beverages and/or sleeping pills.
* Maybe a Suicide Note (gladly also here public in the “Suicide Bulletin” in “Message Board”).
* Mention this website is welcome (look at “Media”).

1. Be very tired. Perhaps, take sleeping pills. Or “make assurance double sure!”.
2. Maybe place a suicide note, and gladly a reference to this website beside yourself (look at “Media”).
3. Go to your choosen location.
4. Make it comfortable (soft etc.).
5. If you like, drink alcohol.
6. Lay down and sleep.

If your suicide location is lonesome or you live alone (and no one will find you regularly),
then use a delayed email delivery (like, or send a paper letter.