Suicide by Helium (“Exit Bag” or “Helium Hood”)


  • Helium: Min. “250l”. for example compressed in a 8.9 cubic feet disposable tank from “Balloon Time”. Availlable at Amazon, eBay, Wallmart etc.. About $50 including postage.
  • Plastic bag (“hood”), big enough for your head. With a strap at the bags mouth.
  • Plastic tube (perhaps 5ft or more). Suitable for the fitting.
  • Adhesive tape like “Leukotape” etc..
  • Suicide Note (gladly also here public in the “Suicide Bulletin” in “Message Board”).
  • Mention this website is welcome (look at “Media”).


  • Helium float fitting. I think you can also use the included nylon fitting on the tank outlet, If you can attach the tube.
  • Teflon tape (“PTFE” tape), to seal up the thread on the tank outlet. I think the contained nylon fitting is dense.
  • Flow meter (12-15 Liters per Minute).
  • Delayed Email Delivery Service or Paper Letter. If you live alone, and no one will find you regularly.


  1. Close one end of the tube with your thumb, and submerge the other end of the tube for 10s in hot water.
  2. Plug the (now softended) end of the tube to the nozzle.
  3. Adhesive the free end of the tube with tape into the bag.
  4. Maybe place a suicide note, and gladly a reference to this website beside yourself (look at “Media”).
  5. Sit in a comfortable armchair or sofa.
  6. Open the Valve (if you know, ~12-15 liters per minute) with the the bags mouth down.
  7. Exhale deep, inhale deep, hold the breath, pull the bag over your head, and close it (but leave open a small gap).
  8. Relax and breath the helium.


Attach the warning not at the outer appartment or house door. Perhaps at night. You could be found too early. If you live alone, and nobody will find you, then use a delayed email delivery (like, or send a paper letter.