Welcome! I’m sick and will have to take oxycodone

Welcome to my blog! Hopefully you like it and stick around! I feel like maybe I should let you guys know what to expect around here.

The main use I think I will give this blog is to have it be my personal journal. I want to write about myself, I feel inspired to share my story. I think that’s where I’d like to get started.

A good personal thing to share currently would be the fact that I got pretty sick. I ended up asking a friend to take me to the doctor. Before that I checked if I could buy oxycodone without prescription because I wasn’t doing too great, and from past experience. I’m already following the doctor’s instruction and I should be fine is what he tells me, so no worries.

I find that I am a stream of consciousness kind of writer, so I wouldn’t say any topic is to be avoided here. In the end we’ll see where this takes us, together! As I said at first, hopefully you stick around. What we do know is that if you or someone you know suffers from addiction, there are places that can help like an addiction recovery clinic. Addiction can be managed, but only cured if the underlying problem which led to it in the first place is addressed, just like depression and anxiety. 


Stay tuned for more…

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